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Welcome to this Integration Guide. Deepsync has partnered with Nexweave to offer hyper realistic voice cloning with an exclusive deal and offering. In order to clone your voice, follow these steps here:

  1. Sign up here and in the Referral Code section, paste this unique code: NEXWEAVE_2022

  2. We will verify your details with Nexweave and you will receive Login Details on your provided email. Make sure to use the same email address you're using on Nexweave for smoother verification.

  3. After logging in to Deepsync's Dashboard, you can upload 1 - 3 hours of your voice data (which can come from pre-recorded videos as well). Please ensure that your voice data is in your solo voice (i.e. no interviews) and does not contain any background music or noise to help us create a superior voice quality.

  4. Once your AI voice is ready, you can pick one of our subscription plans that best suit your needs. Our plans range from 2 hours of audio generation per month to 100 hours at most.

  5. Next, go to Account Tab of your Deepsync Dashboard and under the API sub-Tab, copy the API key.

  6. Lastly, go to your Nexweave Dashboard and simply paste the API key inside the Deepsync widget, found on the right side of Nexweave's Editor.

  7. That's it! Now you can produce hyper personalized campaigns in your own high-quality AI voice.

If you have any questions related to pricing or the integration, feel free to reach out to us at support@deepsync.co or you can also setup a call with our customer success representative:

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