There is constant competition among news media organizations today for viewers' attention and maximizing brand recall to maintain an edge.

They can unleash their potential by scaling their content and achieving their goals with the assistance of Deepsync’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Deepsync REST API Introduction:

By using Deepsync REST API, news media enterprises can gain a competitive advantage in the era of the digital revolution and advance their growth by producing 100’s and thousands of studio-quality journalist AI audio content pieces, fetching 100+ journalists' voices, and can complete time-consuming manual repetitive tasks in minutes.

Understanding Deepsync REST API for News Media Enterprises and The Problems Solved By It.

REST API offered by Deepsync is a protected public API that enables news media enterprises to automate 100s as well as thousands of manual tasks at lightning speed with minimal effort.

With just one API call, news media enterprises can produce thousands of hyper-personalized high definition and high fidelity AI audio content in journalists' natural-sounding cloned voices in multiple languages within seconds.

Without the need to access our studio. By automating these repetitive manual tasks, Deepsync API increases productivity and saves cost.

Our API enables news media enterprises to scale their audio content in real-time and engage end users across multiple geographies.

The hyper-personalization of known journalists' AI audio in multiple languages will help news media enterprises to create a personalized audio first experience according to the targeted region’s audience, interests, and behaviors.

Types of API offered by Deepsync and what they do

To learn more about the types of API offered by Deepsync refer to this guide of ours:

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All use cases powered by Deepsync Enterprise API

  1. Website Integration: Provide an immersive audio experience to your readers by integrating and deploying Deepsync’s AI voice solution to your website. Convert all your new and existing text-only content to your journalist’s voice.

  • Website Blogs, Newsletters & Guides: Integrate the journalist’s AI voices on your Website blogs, Guides, and Newsletters to deliver an audio-first experience

    Transform your website blogs, guides, and pages into audio blogs using journalists' or hosts' voices. Give users the option to listen to your content with a respected journalist AI voice while they are at the gym or driving.

2. AI Voice Overs: Create studio-quality short-form audio content in real-time.

allowing audiences to hear Instagram and Facebook post captions read by a journalist or host.

The Deepsync team understands how important it is for news media enterprises to streamline processes and work in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

With our REST API, you can do things faster and more efficiently. Best of all, this is not the end of Deepsync API's infinite possibilities.

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