What online media enterprises need to know about AI voice over

It's no secret that in the modern technological era we live in, there are many different ways to consume information. Each individual has their favorite way of doing so. Whether they choose to read, watch, listen or read and listen at the same time.

Enterprises must adapt themselves to these changing user preferences by providing resources and content that are easy for users to access and consume.

All of this account to establish a connection with the users and hook them up with your content and information.

News and Media Enterprises:

News media enterprises have always been at the top of this chain when it comes to establishing connections, everyone wants to know what’s happening around the world and in their country. For getting this information every user has their favorite brand or channel on which they rely.

Earlier, before the internet and subscription-based digital news were a thing, television and radio were the only sources to learn what was happening in a male/female journalist voice which everyone grew fond of over time.

You must remember that crime news coverage where the journalist used to hook you on your screen with his/her excellent speech, expression, and one-liners that engaged you and made that show your favorite?

Internet and the Rise of Online Media:

Since the internet has gained its grip on people, news media enterprises have branched out and transitioned into online media enterprises now providing short articles, and video interview coverage that can be accessed on phones, making news consumption easier!

In recent years, a lot of new online media companies have risen to fame without having any television channel in the past. What makes them stand out are their young exceptional journalists who are doing live coverage of difficult areas and providing unbiased news, depicting reality!

For news and online media enterprises, their journalists are their brand face and people love these enterprises because of their bold journalists.

So what if these journalist voices can be used to enhance brand presence and recall at every stage of user interaction?

Enhancing Brand Recall and Presence With Hyper-Personalized Journalist AI voice:

The desire to attract loyal users is something that all brands strive for, similarly, with so many media houses grabbing certain segments of the audience, they still wish to reach more people and expand their viewership across various platforms like social media and YouTube.

How can we engage more? It is still a question, but thanks to AI, online media enterprises now have the option to enhance brand recall and engage users using their journalist AI voice.

For a detailed comparison between original voice and AI check out this video:

The above voice you heard was my AI voice and it was generated from text, yeah from text but don’t mistake it to be TTS because we are not doing anything like TTS, don’t believe so?

Take Suvey

TTS Voice Sample:

You can compare yourself now the difference between a cloned voice and TTS generated voice, and easily tell how natural a cloned voice sounds and relatively how much robotic a TTS sounds.

With Deepsync, you can clone your journalists' voices from raw audio data for 1-5 hours, and once the voice has been cloned, it can be used to produce all kinds of high-quality audio content, without the journalist having to record or speak anything.

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Maintain Consistency:

Maintain Consistency

Online media brands can benefit greatly from the use of journalist AI voices. Consistency is encouraged by technology. Exactly how? You'll hear the same voice in ads, website blogs, social media caption narrations, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more.

Online media enterprises do not need to rely on their journalists to record their voices for various content types. They are free to edit and create content on their own. AI voice makes it so easy. Iterations can be recorded without the journalist having to spend hours in the recording studio

By leveraging journalist AI voices, news media enterprises can make their brand voice a reality, iterate faster, and save money.

The best way to set your brand up for success is to create a voiceover that is hyper-personalized, or based on a name or brand that is important to your brand.

Scaling and Breaking the Shackles of Region and Demographics:

Scaling and Breaking the Shackles of Region and Demographics

What if someone told you that you can speak a language without even knowing it? Yes, that’s true with Deepsync’s best-in-class translation feature you can translate your English or Hindi-speaking journalist voice into more complex regional languages like Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, and much more.

This will benefit online media enterprises to capture an audience that they never thought of, using your same renowned journalist's AI voice in a different language you are ready to engage a new audience and capture a new region quickly.

With AI voices media brands can not only scale their audio content but also scale audio content in multiple languages that are not easy to speak!

Experts believe that the use of hyper-personalized cloned voices in online media brands can unlock the true potential for marketing and advertising as well as how business is conducted in the future. This will open up a whole new world of opportunities for consumer engagement in the future.

Final thoughts

AI journalist voices can further solidify online media enterprises' market presence by filling gaps in their engagement.

Consequently, you can become a market leader by putting in the effort to provide better audio content in multiple languages. You should take advantage of any AI voice opportunities that you can find to achieve this goal.

There are many ways in which journalist AI voices can enhance your brand's presence and recall, such as sonic branding, personal engagement, and multilingual user interactions.

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