APIs are an important part of modernizing enterprise processes and also provide a competitive advantage, that’s a fact. Similarly, our Deepsync API is a powerful integration, allowing enterprises to fetch 100+ host voices, produce 1000+ studio-quality host AI audio, and much more with a single code call.

With our low latency REST API, enterprises can finish time-consuming manual repetitive tasks on the go in seconds. Before moving forward let’s also understand what an API is in general. APIs refer to Application Programming Interface.

They are tiny bits of code that enable digital devices, software applications, and data servers to communicate with each other, and it acts as the backbone for many services we use today.

APIs have 2 components:

  • A technical specification of the data exchange options between solutions is carried out in the form of a request for processing and data delivery protocol.

  • A software interface based on the specifications that represent it.

Now that we have a general understanding of APIs, let's dive deeper into how Deepssync's REST API empowers enterprises to bring their multiple hosts' voices in front of Millions of audiences within seconds.

Understanding Deepsync API

Deepsync's REST API is a protected public API that allows enterprises to automate thousands of manual tasks at lightning speed.

Produce thousands of personalized high definition and high fidelity AI audio content in host/journalist/CEO voices in multiple languages in seconds with just one API call, allowing businesses to reach customers across multiple regions quickly.

Additionally, you can personalize your chosen hosts AI audio in multiple languages according to the targeted region’s audience, interests, and behaviors.

Yes, you read that right. By entering a single code, you can produce audio content in the voice of your choice without having to access our studio. Deepsync API automates these repetitive manual tasks, resulting in increased productivity.

Types of API Offered by Deepsync Technologies

  1. Get Speakers (https://api.deepsync.co/speakerIds): Lets you grab all the AI host voices from your account via this.

  2. Produce Script (https://api.deepsync.co/produce): This Allows you to make new audio with your chosen host's voice from your script.

  3. Check Status (https://api.deepsync.co/status): You can use it to view the current status of your API request. Send the request ID you received from the Produce Status API in your API request to retrieve the latest status.

  4. Download Audio (https://api.deepsync.co/download): allows you to download the audio you created in your chosen host's voice. Send the request ID you received from Produce Status API to download the audio in high fidelity 44Khz.wav file.

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Use Cases with Deepsync API

  1. Marketing Personalization:

    • Cold Email/Acquisition/Activation/Retention: Interact with your audience throughout different levels of the user journey.

      Acquire, activate and retain audiences with your chosen hosts' personalized AI audio messages via email and multiple communication channels like Whatsapp, telegram, and Messenger.

  2. Audio Personalization:

    • Dynamic Ads: Optimize your dynamic ads with personalized audio messages in your chosen host’s voice. Communicate your brand’s messages in your credible hosts' voices in multiple languages to engage segmented users across different territories.

Deepsync understands how important it is for enterprises to streamline processes and work. Our API makes things easier and increases productivity. The best part is that this is not the end of the infinite possibilities that come with Deepsync API.

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