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Enhancing the End-User Experience with Host's Cloned Voice
Enhancing the End-User Experience with Host's Cloned Voice
Produce studio-quality AI audio content and engage your end users in your hosts cloned voice across multiple channels with Deepsync.
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Every organization strives to provide the best user experience and smooth interaction between them and their users. For this, different types of content are published whether on the website or are being shared with users directly via email or other communication channels. This includes audio-visual graphics, ads, website blogs, newsletters, and emails such as cold, acquisition, onboarding, and retaining

All of the content that is being shared has one goal in common: to ensure that organizations can communicate their message to users and clear any doubts they may have. But what if you could use audio, tailor it to each user's interests and behaviors, and combine it with marketing content to make the experience more interactive and engaging?

I'm sure you're thinking it's okay to use audio, but how do we do that? Whose voice is it going to be? What software? And isn’t TTS-generated voices too robotic should we engage users with these robot-sounding voices?

No, we aren’t telling you to use any random robot voice to interact with your users. What we mean by including audio in your informative content is to add the voice of your known and trusted Host/CEO.

Yes! Use your credible host/Ceo’s personalized AI voice throughout the user interaction journey at all levels using Deepsync voice cloning AI.

Using High-Quality Audio for User Interaction

An HD Voice message on your phone is just one way to ensure clear communication, but professional audio can be used in many other ways to improve end-user interaction.

Why Audio Works?

When users hear high-quality audio in their known Host/CEO's voice it helps them to better understand the message, better absorb the information and act accordingly.

Audio provides a more intimate communication experience than any other medium. Put on your headphones and it's just you and the storyteller.

Having someone's undivided attention is an advantage that audio presents for marketers. There have been many articles written about the emotional appeal of audio.

Audio has also been shown to influence brand messaging in numerous first-hand studies.

According to audio research conducted by iHeart Media, audio can influence a brand's perception. In addition, it can enhance an organization's reputation.

It is crucial to choose the right voice for your brand: make sure it matches your brand identity, appeals to your end-users, and your users can identify with it.

Audio Has an Impact

The good news doesn't stop there. According to stats, people spend on average four hours listening to the audio every day. Based on reports, 79% of audio consumption takes place on the go - while driving, on the treadmill, or while walking the dog.

This is a space visual media cannot reach, and audio can engage people in a way visual media cannot.

In terms of podcasts specifically, Acast's study shows that 50% of Millennials listen to podcasts daily, and these listeners spend more time engaging with other media than the general population.

The same study shows that “listeners love podcasts because they offer them the opportunity to explore their interests and learn something new.”

An Edison study depicts that podcast listening continues to grow, with listeners rising from 21% to 24% over the last few years.

Stay Tuned

It doesn't end there. Almost 30% of all Google searches are already conducted by voice, marking the beginning of a voice-first era.

Using audio and text together shows us how our content can be repurposed, so be sure to consider all your options when creating content.

What is Voice Cloning?

The process of voice cloning involves generating an artificial version of the voice of a person, capable of generating speech that resembles a human voice.

Deepsync voice cloning AI clones your host/CEO's voice securely with their permission to create a realistic-sounding AI voice in their tone, accent, and expressions that sounds and feels the same as the real human voice.

Our platform makes the audio production process so easy you can easily mix-match, add background music to your AI audio and produce studio-quality audio content daily in real-time.

Our powerful editor will convert your long-form text content or script into a professional AI voice that sounds like it came straight from an expensive recording studio.

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Utilizing Host/CEO AI Voice

Once the host's voice is cloned, you can now include it in

  1. Blogs/Guides & Newsletter:

  • Deepsync production technology lets you fuse your credible Host/CEO's compelling voice with your simple text blog, guides, and promotional newsletters, magnifying engagement levels and strengthening brand recall by 10x more.

  • Content can be made more engaging and informative with studio-quality professional voices.

  • For example, if your company offers users informational content on how to do something themselves or guides to self-help, a professional host/CEO voice can make sure information is conveyed; subtle sound effects can emphasize important points, and give the content a more engaging feel.

  • It is common for web visitors to not read the entire content. They only skim the main points and then move on. Audio, unlike text, can be played in the background while the user does other tasks, allowing your message to be heard more often.

2. Producing Daily/Weekly Podcasts:

3. Audio in Emails (Onboarding, Engagement, and Retention):

  • You must know how much emphasis people place on their cold emails and other emails like onboarding, engagement, and retention emails. There is a lot of research done on how to make emails engaging to increase their open rates.

  • Now instill life into your emails with AI audio of your trusted host/CEO to easily personalize audio messages in regional languages to cater to users across different demographics.

  • For example, welcome messages sent to users for signing up on the website can be personalized using the host/CEO AI voice in the users' regional language, thanking the user for joining with their name. Ensuring that the brand cares about its users.

4. Paid and Host Read Ads:

  • Hyper-personalize and optimize your ad campaigns and host read ads with host/CEO AI audio.

  • Based on a user's behavior and interests, communicate with them in their language and accent across different geographic segments.

  • Turn visual ads into audiovisual ads to enhance customer interaction by delivering personalized campaigns that appear to have been curated specifically for the intended use it’s meant for.

Audio not only allows for interactive interactions with users but also enhances the overall user experience. A recognizable voice not only helps to strengthen brand recall but also ensures trust. Why spend a lot of money on creative branding to woo or interact with your users?

Simply connect with them with the voice they know and love because a relationship built on trust lasts longer.

Get your enterprise/business host/CEO voice cloned with Deepsync and stay one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to user engagement.

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