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How to use voice cloning to start your own podcast quickly?
How to use voice cloning to start your own podcast quickly?
Producing podcasts is a hassle - from managing equipment to editing the audio. Learn how AI is making the process 10x faster and efficient.
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making podcasts with voice cloning

Podcasting is booming and there has never been a better time to start a podcast if you're looking to increase your brand awareness and gain plenty of followers for your content.

It is projected that over 380M listeners will be tuning in to a podcast every week in the next 2 years alone. Now, that is an audience you cannot afford to miss. But today, producing a quality podcast is extremely difficult.

Even with tools like which claims to make the recording easier, it still requires you to record and edit manually - which in itself takes the longest time while creating any audio content.

Given we are living in a remote-first era, this process becomes more difficult when you think of finding time to record or edit out the surrounding noises from your home environment.

For instance, it can take as much as 7 hours of effort involving multiple stakeholders to produce just 40 minutes of audio. Here's a snapshot of what the process looks like:

AI voice generator making process easier

Thankfully, AI is now getting better every day and it is now possible to produce a human-like quality podcast in your own voice. Yes, you read that right - in your own voice.

This new advancement is called Voice cloning and it's revolutionizing how we create multi-media content - everything from audio to video.

It works by learning how you speak and capturing thousands of unique factors that make your voice unique. For instance, your accent, your voice flow, the way you pause, and even subtle expressions are completely modeled by this AI.

Once it can do that, you can create new content, never spoken by you before, in a high-quality and efficient manner. In fact, this process is 10 times faster than producing manually.

Think about just entering your blog or a podcast episode and having it ready to publish in the time you make your coffee. Now, that's what we call Instant production!

It only requires a few minutes of your voice samples to create your AI voice. If you have a few hours of pre-recorded audio, that's even better as the AI gets better in quality the more voice data it has to learn from.

Deepsync is the pioneer AI voice generator and podcast production tool. We have produced 100s of high-quality voices for our clients - ranging from Individual podcasters to companies like 1000s of employees and have catered to companies from 3+ countries to date.

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Here is just one example of how Deepsync creates the AI of your voice and how good it sounds like:

You can get started with Deepsync by simply signing up on our platform here. Once you provide a few minutes to a few hours of your audio samples, Deepsync will provide your high-fidelity AI voice within 2 days and you can begin creating podcasts and audio content on the fly.

Producing podcast with AI is easier than ever

Deepsync uses best-in-class security to ensure that your voice data is completely secure and only you have the right access to it. In case you wish to delete your account, Deepsync takes all necessary measures to remove your AI voice and gives you a confirmation once it's done - so you are always sure that your data is treated fairly and securely.

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In fact, we have created our own podcast in our CEO's AI voice (although with very little data), which you can listen here โ†—๏ธ

To learn more about Deepsync you can schedule a demo with us by clicking on the image below.

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