We are always looking to improve Deepsync and are adding support for more modes. Today Deepsync supports modes such as Currencies, Heteronyms, Numbers, Websites, Abbreviations, and others. Your AI voice automatically detects them when you are producing a Script and would pronounce them correctly. In case a word is misspelled or doesn't sound right, you may try these options to produce the script correctly:

Try breaking the word into smaller parts.

Transformative to Trans formative

Try converting the Acronym to words that might sound closer to them

AI to a eye

If there is a mistake in pronouncing silent consonants in a word, try using the native form.

lives to lifes

Try an alternative spelling.

Anime to Any may

Add a comma before or after the misspelled word.

Hello to Hello,

The trick here is to use alternative words that sound closer to the word you are trying to replace. Replacing content with Kontent is another such example. You can also add these words to your Custom Dictionary for future use. You can find that in Settings > Custom Dictionary.

If you keep facing such issues, please feel to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

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