It is super critical to follow correct formatting when writing your scripts in the Studio. Incorrect formatting can lead to bad audio and might result in scripts getting failed to produce properly. These are a few points to ensure that you produce high-quality audio with Deepsync:

  1. Use only English content: Deepsync currently only supports English content. Please ensure you do not use any other language as a script.

  2. Avoid using special characters: Although Deepsync has in-built functionality to filter out some special characters, a few might escape the filtering which might result in the script not producing correctly.

  3. Use proper period to denote the end of a sentence: Using a period/dot (.) to denote the end of a sentence is important. It allows Deepsync to properly create pauses for your audio.

  4. Don't use extra-long sentences: A sentence should usually be 15-20 words long with correct commas in place. The script might fail if a sentence is longer than that.

  5. Modifying words: In case a word doesn't sound right, you can modify that for better pronunciation. Please check our guide here.

  6. Use Custom Dictionary: Our Custom Dictionary can help you store words that you would like to sound the same for every script. You can add your Custom word by going to Settings > Custom Dictionary and choosing a voice from Dropdown.

In case your script fails and you have already followed the above points, feel free to reach out to us at

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