When it comes to your voice and media data, Deepsync takes security and privacy as the number one priority to ensure you a reliable service. Here are some of the key steps we take to ensure account safety:

πŸ‘€ Voice and Video consent: When onboarding your voice artists onto the platform, Deepsync requests consent in form of voice and occasionally video (for top-priority voices). The artist must record a short paragraph in a studio like environment, which Deepsync later matches with the provided audio data. Only once they match, does Deepsync allow the use of the voice by the company. This process is partially automated.

πŸ›‘οΈ Encryption of AI Models and Data: At no point in time the data is exposed as raw information on any of our servers but is fully encrypted as per highest standards.

🌎 Regional Data Servers: For companies based in US, Deepsync works with only US based cloud providers for training and hosting purposes, so your audio and other important data never leaves the country.

☝️ Voice Deletion: Deepsync provides the option to delete your AI voice model anytime on request. We might require further information before deletion depending on high priority voices.

πŸ“„ SLA Agreements: If you are working with Deepsync on an Annual plan, Deepsync will share with you a SLA Agreement underlying all the important clauses regarding our engagement and security aspect of your account.

🀝 Compliances: Deepsync is currently in the process of strengthening its operations by working with trusted partners on SOC 2 and ISO 270001 Compliances for global security.

If you have any more questions, please reach out to us at support@deepsync.co.

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