To secure your voice and your Deepsync account, we take a privacy-first design approach when building our architectures and adding new features. Here are some of the steps you and we can take to ensure safe use of the technology:

πŸ”’ Using a strong Password - Most accounts are compromised because of weak passwords. We recommend keeping a strong password or logging in via Google. You can update your password in the Settings Tab of your Dashboard ↗️
To create a strong password, refer to this free and powerful tool ↗️

πŸ‘€ Auto-Moderating content - Whenever you create a script, our system goes through 100s of checks in real-time to ensure that the content is profanity-free and the audio doesn't harm anyone directly or indirectly. We ask for a password to begin the production in case such a word or phrase is detected. We also e-mail you right away in case a script is produced that contains such words. You can turn this off in your Settings Tab ↗️ although we highly recommend you keep this turned on.

πŸ›‘2 Factor Authentication - You also have an option to enable 2FA which ensures that login is more secure. Learn more about 2FA here ↗️

We also host our entire technology stack on services like Google Cloud and Digital Ocean offering top security to our servers.

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