• How do you secure my voice? Aren't so-called Deepfakes taking over the Internet?
    As a company serving our customers, we are dedicated to your Privacy and Security. Some of the steps we take are:

    • We ask for a consent letter to ensure you are fully on board.

    • We store your data securely and you can request deletion of your AI model whenever you wish.

    • We share with you a SaaS agreement covering all points necessary for you to use Deepsync.

    • For more, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  • Where do I learn more about the steps you take to ensure privacy and security?
    Please refer to our Security and Privacy guide here ↗️

  • Where do I learn more about Deepfakes and the steps for combating them?
    Please refer to our Deepfakes guide here ↗️

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