• What can I expect after creating my AI voice?
    Once your AI voice is created, we will provide you with account credentials for your Dashboard. Deepsync's minimal and easy-to-use Dashboard allows you to produce content with your AI voice quickly and with high quality. It works on a faster than real-time basis in Ideal conditions. It makes producing and editing completely magical. Learn more about the Dashboard here ↗️

  • How efficient would be production in my synced voice?
    Given your right voice data ↗️, you can expect > 95% efficiency in your AI voice. Efficiency is calculated on the basis of the pronunciation of words and phrases. It can get even higher if you use our in-built Dictionary feature ↗️ to store words or phrases that you may like to pronounce differently. Deepsync in meantime is getting better quickly.

  • What is the typical duration of audio I can produce with Deepsync?
    At the moment, Deepsync works really well for short-form content. You can create short-form snackable audio ranging from 2 - 5 minutes to increase your daily audio strategy but you can also produce hour-long audio if you wish.

  • I am experiencing some errors while creating Script, what should I do?
    We are sorry to hear that. Please refer to our troubleshooting guide ↗️ for more information regarding this.

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