• Do you provide any ready-made voices like Google or Amazon?
    Deepsync is a voice syncing platform designed exclusively for content creators who are looking to produce audio content in their own voice and aesthetic at scale. We currently do not provide ready-made voices

  • What is required to create my AI voice?
    Deepsync currently requires at least 10 - 20 hours of your audio recordings to build a perfectly synced voice. The audio can be pre-recorded (nothing has to be recorded from scratch) or you can directly share your RSS feed with us. The audio should be high definition and should not contain any background noise or music for the best quality experience. Please get started with us here.

  • How long would it take to sync my voice?
    If you provide us with the required voice data (see the above FAQ), we will take about 5 days to perfectly sync your voice. This depends on how busy our servers are and how long the waitlist is.

  • Will my synced voice contain expressions like Happiness or Sadness?
    We're always looking to improve Deepsync. Today, your synced voice is capable of producing narrative content with ups and downs in your tone (which will be adjusted automatically). In the future, we look to add expressions that will open new opportunities for your voice. We recommend starting with Deepsync today so your voice has enough time to adapt and improve.

  • Which languages do you support? Can I request a new language?
    We currently support English (all accents). You can absolutely request a new language by contacting us at support@deepsync.co. If we believe we can add the requested language quickly, we'd be happy to proceed.

  • Who owns the right to my AI voice? How are rights managed if I create someone else's AI voice?
    You own the rights to your own synced voice and at all times can request the deletion of your AI model. If you sync someone else's voice, you must sign a contract between the artist and your company since the responsibility coming from the use of the voice depends entirely on you. In both cases, we provide you a consent form to begin the process.

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