The Timeline is part of the Editor to help you view and change audio parameters quickly and make the post-production process smooth and easy.

Deepsync’s Dashboard — Timeline Editor / Copyright:

Here's all that the Timeline has to offer:

🗣 Modify Voice - You can click the three dots button on each sentence to adjust the speed, pitch, loudness, and fade levels of your AI voice.

Playback speed - Play your Script at 0.5x to go slow or 2x to go super fast, or just at 1x to go smoothly.

🔍 Zoom - Zoom your Timeline so you can better align music/soundtracks as you see fit.

⬆️ Add - Click here to Upload/Record any audio clip you wish to insert in the Timeline and it will be added as a new layer beneath the top one.

🎵 Intro/Outro - Click on Add Intro or Add Outro buttons to choose an Intro/Outro track such as an introduction or a music file to set the tone for your Script.

⏸️ Pause and Spacings - After each line, you can remove or add a pause to best suit your audio.

✔️ Line status Indicators - Each sentence produced may either work or won't depending on many reasons. If the sentences fail to produce, you can troubleshoot them right here ↗️

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