Settings allow you to update your password, update your Custom Dictionary, set Default variations for your created AI voice, and view Usage. We recommend you update your password regularly for improved security and safety.

Deepsync’s Dashboard — Settings / Copyright:

🛡️ Updating Password - We recommend you keep a strong password. You can check out this free generator here ↗️

📘 Custom Dictionary - Click here to add or update words/phrases which you’d like to pronounce differently. Although Deepsync tries to capture as many words as possible, the Custom Dictionary comes in handy when you’d like to customize your spoken content as Deepsync offers up to 95% efficiency on your content. If you face any pronunciation issues, refer to our troubleshooting guide here ↗️

📈 Usage Analytics - Click here to view how much content you’ve created month on month. It’s a small but powerful tool to understand your creation process and keep track of your work.

🗣️ Voice Settings - Click here to set the default variation of your synced voice on how it should sound like. You can set default loudness, pitch, speed, and pause duration among other modes.

🔔 Notifications - You can update your email preferences here such as receiving an email when your script is produced (recommended), getting our weekly newsletters with updates and improvements, and others.

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