Deepsync’s Editor allows you to edit your sentences after production is complete. Here you can add/remove the text or change the whole script. It allows you to play the entire script or each line separately and handle things like loudness, pitch, and speed adjustments among many things. It’s denoted in the sidebar as Studio (Edit Mode). You can exit the Editor by clicking on the top right button ‘Exit Editing’.

Here's everything the Editor offers you:

📑 List-view - List-view is the default view of the Editor where your script is broken down into sentences for easy viewing and instant editing. You can click on the Pencil Icon ✏️ to edit a line quickly.

🔖 Non-List view - If you wish to edit the entire Script or change major parts, you can switch to the Non-List view by clicking on the right side. You can come back here by clicking on the window Icon in the Non-List view.

♾️ Timeline - Timeline is part of the Editor to help you view and change audio parameters quickly. You can use it to adjust the pause, loudness, pitch and make tons of other variations. You can also set them as default and apply to the entire Script at once. Know more about Timeline here ↗️

Playback speed - Play your Script at 0.5x to go slow or 2x to go super fast, or just at 1x to go smoothly.

🔍 Zoom - Zoom your Timeline so you can better align music/soundtracks as you see fit.

⬆️ Add - Click here to Upload/Record any audio clip you wish to insert in the Timeline and it will be added as a new layer beneath the top one.

🎵 Intro/Outro - Click on Intro (at the start of the Timeline) or Outro (at the end of the Timeline) to choose an Intro/Outro track such as an introduction or a music file to set the tone for your Script.

Happy Editing! 😇

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