Once you produce a Script using Studio, your content will be produced in a lightning-fast way.

Deepsync’s Dashboard — My Scripts / Copyright: deepsync.co

Here's everything the My Script tab offers you:

🔔 Status - The first thing you’ll notice is the Status Column, which indicates (you guessed it right) the status of the Scripts. It can be either — ‘Producing…’, ‘Success’, ’Queued’ or (rarely) ‘Failed’. In case a Script fails, you can check our troubleshooting guide ↗️ to resolve that.

🔘 Options - You can click on the corresponding Options button to see the options available to you for each script. They allow you to ‘Edit’ the scripts, ‘Download’ ⬇️ it in multiple formats such as ‘Single mp3 file’, ‘Separate lines in a zip’ or ‘Custom lines’ allowing you to download any particular line out of the entire script.

Options also allow you to ‘Duplicate’ your script, automatically adding ‘copy_of’ as a prefix to the new script. Finally, Options allow you ‘Delete’ your script if you wish. Please note that deleting a script does not reset the hours already produced.

When you click on ‘Edit’, it takes you to the most powerful part of the Dashboard — Deepsync’s Editor ↗️

▶️ Audioclips - With Audioclips, you can share your finished audio as a beautiful video across all major platforms to increase your listenership. Know more about Audioclips here ↗️

📶 Sorting & Filtering - With Sorting and Filtering, you can sort the Scripts based on parameters such 'Duration', 'Status', 'Voice Type', and much more. It's a handy way of being more productive with the Dashboard.

🔎 Instant Searching - You can use the search bar to filter and search scripts by name, tags, or the text body instantly.

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