The Overview tab allows you to see the overall activities of your Dashboard. On the top left corner, you’ll notice the name of your Organization or your Podcast and on the top center, you’ll notice your name as a user. Depending on the user logged in from your Organization, the respective name would appear.

Deepsync’s Dashboard — Overview / Copyright:

🚀 Performance - Overview lets you check the performance of your created AI voice and if it's working perfectly.

🕰️ Content created - With Overview, you can view the minutes/hours of content you've produced this month.

💳 Invoices - If you have any active Invoices, you'll be able to see the option to pay them right on the Overview.

💁🏻 Audio consent - If you have not already given your audio consent, Overview will ask you to provide that in order to start using the Dashboard.

Next up, learn about the My Voice Tab ↗️

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